Analytics & Website Design for Improved Digital Marketing Performance



Website Design & Website Development
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
Social Media Optimization
Branding & Strategy


1. Consult With Business on Goals
2. Marketing Research & Analytics
3. Strategic Planning & Branding
4. Smart Content & Logo Design
5. Website Design
6. SEO (if needed)
7. PPC (if needed)

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Online Ad Firm websites are designed to get more customers for businesses. We represent multiple industry leaders and have helped businesses increase their total number of impressions, phone calls, website generated leads and social media leads. We guarantee price, performance, and integrity. We also offer month to month plans, and compensation through net profit sharing or flat fee for service.

Online Ad Firm began with freelance website design for law firms and insurance agencies in New Orleans, LA. We evolved into managing social media profiles and creating internet advertising campaigns. Within 3 years we’d built myriad small business websites and helped our clients manage every digital marketing option imaginable (Google, Bing, Facebook, video, retargeting, email, seo, voicemail, telemarketing, print & mail).


1. Meet Business & Discuss Goals
2. Evaluate Current Web & Marketing Performance
3. Market Research & Customer Analytics
4. Strategic Planning & Branding
5. Present Annual Roadmap & Budget
6. Professional Website Design
7. Launch Digital Marketing Campaign

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“My life is dedicated to helping businesses thrive. The internet offers opportunity like never before. Conventional wisdom says, ‘Marketers can’t give guarantees.’ That is not true. Online Ad Firm guarantees price, performance, & integrity. Our websites are designed for aspiring industry leaders.”

Luke A. Prados
Online Ad Firm, LLC.

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